About Us

Why Humanitarian Leadership?

Today, 62 million people around the world are dependent on humanitarian assistance. Their lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict, hunger and disaster. Humanitarian organizations and workers continue to work hard on the ground to save lives and help communities prepare better for future crises and plant the seeds of hope for a better life. Leadership for Humanitarians was created to support these efforts.

Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos lately made an urgent request for a new type of leadership, one that would equip humanitarian leaders to provide strong leadership in the face of increasingly complex emergencies.

Humanitarian reforms are important, but for improvements to really take hold – to ensure that when the next major disaster strikes our response is closer to what is needed a much more fundamental shift in attitude and mindset among all humanitarian partners and donors must happen. – Valerie Amos

Leadership for Humanitarians IS that shift. We not only provide you with the mindset you require for sustainable change, we also equip you with the skillset and toolset you need to ensure that your realizations can be turned to practical, effective – even transformative – effect.