Who we are

Leadership for Humanitarians is an international social entrepreneurship operating from Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and the United States with the vision “to ignite and equip humanitarian leaders to be catalysts for change. We do this because we believe humanitarians are uniquely positioned to empower people to become leaders of themselves and thereby transform societies”.

Leadership for Humanitarians is led by humanitarians, are for humanitarians.  We are the only organization offering a hybrid solution:  customized leadership solutions targeted for the needs of humanitarians and delivered by specialists from both the humanitarian and executive level facilitators from private sector, providing the best from both worlds. Our seasoned humanitarian facilitators have “street credibility” and an authority that non-humanitarians simply don’t have.

We have a unique partnership with FranklinCovey for a unique mission: merging the humanitarian soul and field experience with the leadership spirit and focus on excellence developed with Fortune 500 companies. This unique hybrid approach has the proven power to change mindsets, leading to a significant change in leadership behaviors and habits that ensures sustainable results. When enough leaders possess the right mindset, a trickle affect becomes a wave, empowering affected populations and impacting whole societies.

Without the skills to lead ourselves, lead our teams, and build partnerships built on trust, transparency, and capitalizing the respective strengths of all those who contribute in a humanitarian response, we cannot expect to lead, and hence to serve, the people who need us. It is our obligation as humanitarians to be good leaders, and to provide quality, human, just, and collaborative leadership. Without such leadership skills, it’s foolish, if not arrogant, to think we can succeed.

– Kimberly Roberson, Chief of FICCS, UNHCR