With better leadership and effectiveness training, many humanitarian organizations around the globe could significantly increase their impact. With your support, Good can become Great.

Give the gift of transformation

Life-changing work is being done every day by dedicated people in national humanitarian organizations. High in dedication, these organizations are usually low in resources. Improving the leadership abilities and effectiveness within these organizations can have immediate and hugely beneficial effects on the people and communities these organizations serve. By gifting the cost of a programme, you have the power to transform these organizations, and by doing so, transforming a small part of the world.

What does your gift cover?

Each programme will cover 20 participants and consists of: i) personal assessment, ii) workshop, iii) Action Plan to implement, iv) new personal assessment and v) final reporting. You can gift all 20 slots to your chosen organization, or nominate some of your own staff to also benefit from this experience (amazing results can happen when there is interaction and a mix of two worlds). Your gift covers all communication and coordination with the hosting organization, the costs for the trainer who will deliver the workshop, and all printed materials (with your logo if desired).

You can choose to sponsor diffrent programmes:
1. A self-leadership programme to ensure personal effectiveness and build the team; or a leadership programme to build their organizational effectiveness. These programmes are eight weeks in length to ensure sustainable changes and include a 3 day workshop. All graduates receive an official diploma. The price for gifting this package is USD 25,000.

2. A comprehensive leadership programme consisting of both self-leadership and team leadership. The programme is eight weeks in lengh and includes two leadership assessments, a 5 day workshop and a 7 week Action Plan to implement. All graduates receive an official diploma. The price for gifting this package is USD 40,000.

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