Leadership solutions for humanitarian performance improvement

Our leadership and performance improving solutions are unique, designed specifically with humanitarian performance improvement in mind and are developed in close collaboration with the individual humanitarian organization.

In addition to individual solutions, we have distilled our expertise into 4 training programmes clearly distinguished from each other. We focus on impact, not on variety. Each of these programmes is guaranteed to change your life.

We focus on two levels of leadership because before you can effectively lead others, you have to first be able to lead yourself. But all great leaders have developed certain characteristics, ways of thinking and skill sets.  Exactly the ones that we focus on in our programmes:

Personal leadership


Literally tested by millions of people around the globe, our state-of-the-art concepts are solidly based on practical field experience and acknowledged theories of behavior, psychology and sociology. We have taken world-class content and radically adapted it to the specific requirements of the humanitarian sector.

We use a systemic and principle-centered approach that is applicable globally across culture. These programmes will challenge you. But we promise that you will emerge as a better, more effective and more aware leader.  You will develop a better understanding of yourself, greater influence over your teams and, ultimately, achieve greater impact.