Our Approach

How we build humanitarian leaders

Leadership for Humanitarians build humanitarian leaders at three levels and in two ways:

We help humanitarian organizations develop leaders at 3 different levels of the organization – Lead myself, Lead my team and Lead the organization. And at every level we focus on two essential areas – Character – my ability for personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and Capabilities – my ability to achieve sustainable results. For more information, please download our Competency Guide.

Differentiators of our world-class content

  • Focusing sustainable solutions by changing habits and behavior
  • Designed to be highly applicable
  • Built around universal principles applicable in all cultures
  • Inside-out development
  • Ease of customization (to field and HQ staff, UN agencies and NGOs, sectors and operations)

The learning methodology of the programmes focuses on developing the right character and mindset and introduces participants for potential personal behavioral changes as a significant component in improving leadership skills. This is based on the well-established thesis that true leadership grows from the inside-out, and that sustainable long term behavioral change is best achieved through enabling paradigm shifts/new mindsets. These new mindsets then have to be supported by both new skill sets and new tool sets.

To support you in developing these new skill/tool sets, we use a wide range of media, plenty of hands-on exercises and facilitated knowledge sharing among participants.  Where appropriate, we don’t shy away from introducing public or private sector elements to encourage participants to explore other ways of solving challenges.

Real world learning for real world situations

Humanitarians work in real-world situations that are complex and often chaotic. To solve complex leadership issues in the humanitarian sector we use a systemic and principle-centered approach. We don’t pretend that there is a right recipe that works in every situation. Too many outside – often dynamic – factors can impact the situation. However, the principles underlying our approach to leadership can work in all circumstances – they just have to be applied differently. Our approach has been tried and tested in every single region on the planet and in every culture. This range of content has now been successfully adapted for the challenging world of the relief and development sector.

Our training builds all learning on top of a limited number of intuitive models. This enables participants from the beginning to comprehend the overall concepts and assists them in remembering and integrating as all new learning is related back to the overall model.