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Webinar 1:

What if you could transform dead-end relationships into energizing ones? Long, painful negotiations into quick, effective collaboration? Stalling projects into lasting results?
The missing link could very well be: Trust. Trust is the cornerstone on which rests the authority of true leaders. It is the key to your organization’s efficiency and more than ever, the success of your humanitarian work demands it. It is the key to reliable relationships, dynamic projects and quick and effective coordination with other agencies. Without it everything starts to crumble.

Trust is a skill that can be learned and expanded. It can be build. It can be restored. Humanitarians who make building trust an explicit goal of their jobs elevate trust to a strategic advantage—enhancing outcomes, improving collaboration and partnerships, enhancing the response and transforming the way of doing business in the sector.

Building partnerships and colleague relationships at the “speed of trust” dramatically lowers costs, speeds up delivery, and increases the impact of their organization and of the sector.

Leading at the Speed of Trust® is a highly interactive workshop that engages participants at all levels in the real work of identifying and closing the trust gaps that exist in their team or organization – in this webinar, we take you on an intensive Deep Dive into this topic: providing you with insights and inspiration that you can put to work the same day.

Webinar 2:
RESILIENCE is – judging from its presence in our vocabulary today – the ultimate key to sustainable change in the Humanitarian Field. We feel: rightfully so. Of course, in order to create resilient communities and organisations, one has to create resilience within individuals first. But how? How do people become open to the changes and challenges that life hands to them – and not always in a gentle manner? How do children overcome the difficulties of their early years to become the kind of adults that our communities need? How do you get yourself to get up and dust yourself off and keep going?

And what can you do, as an organization, to support the people you care for?

Based on the foundation of our program, the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, we would like to share with you what we have done so far and how to use some of these habits to build up and strengthen resilience within ourselves – and the individuals on our teams and within our communities.

Length: 1.5 hour workshops
Cost: no cost to humanitarian staff

Open to: Humanitarian staff (UN, NGOs, development and emergency organizations)
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