Leadership for Humanitarians Signature Programme™

The Leadership for Humanitarians Signature Programme™ is intended for those that want to become change masters within their organization. It combines self-leadership with team leadership and provides you with the framework to be a leader of leaders.

This is a leadership mastery programme where the key focus is on the mindset of each leader as a driving force to determine results. Over 5.5 days, practical skills and tools are introduced and participants are immediately given an opportunity to practice using these skills/tools. It is a hands-on process that enables participants to effectively solve leadership and managerial issues.

To be a leadership master requires important paradigm shifts and a change in habits. This does not happen overnight, which is why the Signature programme takes place over a period of three months. You begin with a leadership assessment to understand how you are perceived as a leader prior to the workshop. After the workshop, there follows a 7-week Action Plan which introduces a new skill area each week. The programme concludes with a new leadership assessment to measure progress.

Length: a 3 month programme including a 5.5-day workshop
Cost: 3350 USD incl conference package (lunch and coffee/tea)
Open to: Humanitarian staff (UN, NGOs, development and emergency organizations)

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Master the change.

This workshop was a rare opportunity for each of us to reflect on the fundamental motives of our engagement in the humanitarian and refugee cause. It challenged us at the root of our work, encouraging us not to accept what anyone would think is already quite an achievement, but go for the best, reach the very top by tapping into those resources we often forget to consider although they stand right next to us: the energy, the talent and skills of those with whom we work every day and share the same purpose: our colleagues and members of these teams we have the responsibility to lead, often in difficult and complex operations. Start believing in each of them, extend your trust, have the courage to share with them your dreams and wildest ideas, unite them around a purpose, align your resources and priorities accordingly and make each of them a full owner of their part of the process. Then, extend this same approach to the people at the centre of your operations and interventions: the refugees or the displaced persons, boys and girls dreaming of a bright future… and be a key part of the fulfillment of their own dreams… Thank you to the organizers of this workshop which opened for me a door to a promising land of change, improvement and self-development.

I can no longer see or do things the same way I saw or did them before I started this course and this includes first and foremost myself. I am now equipped to embark on a journey of greatness , a journey full of new values, new principles, new attitudes that will lead to great results, where we will truly make a difference in the lives of those in need including ourselves and those we love. Let us take the 7 Habits of Humanitarians and present them as the new code of behavior of (…) which will so nicely complement the Code of Conduct. I am inspired.

This course should become obligatory for UNHCR Representatives and Directors and should always include inter-agency participants.  It provides the real foundations of what it means to lead country teams, work with partners effectively and can create the culture of continuous improvement we so desperately need.

This is an excellent training course that gives a thorough foundation and application of the top leadership thinking that we all dearly need in our professional capacities and leadership roles. We had a lot of highly inspirational people to learn from and with and the venue and execution was just superb.

The humanitarian leadership programme has equipped me with the insights and tools to realise the limitless possibilities of our individual and collective contribution to humanitarian work.