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Through Start Network’s Talent Development, Relief International presents Leadership for Humanitarians: A unique opportunity to meet the demands placed on humanitarian leaders and teams. This will help your staff deliver sustainable results by performing at their highest level, even in the face of increasing and ever more complex demands.

Once registered for the Talent Development training, a selection process will take place and applicants will be notified if they’ve been selected.

The Solution:

The Leadership for Humanitarians Signature Programme is intended for humanitarians who want to become change masters within their organization. This comprehensive 5 day programme combines self-leadership with group leadership and provides you with the framework to be a leader of leaders.

Change your mindset
 > Develop your skillset >
Employ your toolset
 > Master the change

This programme will transform the way you work. At the end of it, you will have everything you need to be able to sustain high performance, in both yourself and your team.
You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, an appreciation of the role that others play in achieving your goals, and the ability to effectively match your needs with theirs.
Discover how to inspire trust. Learn how to communicate a clear and compelling purpose. Understand how to align systems. And gain the secret to unleashing talent in your team.

The Leadership for Humanitarians Signature Programme® will enable you to:
  • Take initiative and identify alternatives and synergies
  • Define priorities in each of your life’s roles
  • Set, deliver and measure performance on key goals
  • Improve core processes
  • Produce results in an interagency environment
  • Increase trust with key stakeholders
  • Manage and improve performance
  • Inspire others to do their best
  • Demonstrate effective meeting management



This workshop was a rare opportunity … It challenged us at the root of our work, encouraging us not to accept what anyone would think is already quite an achievement, but go for the best, reach the very top… Thank you to the organizers of this workshop which opened for me a door to a promising land of change, improvement and self-development.”

Emmanuel Gignac, Chief of Mission, UNHCR Libya


In the training what I learned or what really helped me was the understanding about leadership that we got, the fine tuning of skills of a leader, how to get the best out of colleagues and people, the main pillars on which a leadership is built and that a leader’s best is the humbleness. To make a team, a winning team, rather for me not a winning but the BEST team.
I have and am applying this, getting tremendous results and have boldly indulged into unchartered waters and people have and are responding to me, creating a very conducive atmosphere for growth and delivery. Thanks to that leadership training.”

Faiz Mohammed, Chief Coordinator, Provincial Disaster Management Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.