The 7 Habits® for Humanitarians

Heighten your awareness of your own leadership skills. Consciously develop a mindset that will enable you to act with integrity and be a role model to others. Understand and integrate the habits that will allow the leader-in-you to emerge. The 7 Habits® for Humanitarians is a self-leadership programme where you change your thinking and your behavior to become more focused, more aware and more effective. It’s a programme where you develop the necessary skills to develop yourself collaborate with others and understand what makes a highly effective humanitarian.

This exciting programme has taken a tried and tested approach and recreated it for the world and realities of humanitarians. It is a process guaranteed to help humanitarians and humanitarian managers from getting good results to realizing great and enduring results. It is an intensive and applied learning programme that focuses on the fundamentals of great self-leadership.

© Franklin Covey

Length: a 3 month programme including a 3-day workshop
Cost: 1850 USD incl conference package (lunch and coffee/tea)
Open to: Humanitarian staff (UN, NGOs, development and emergency organizations)
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Be the change.

I will say that this moment has been a very emotional moment in my life as it helped me in reflecting immensely on the “Who am I” and to what extend I have contributed to better of the people I have leading for long time.

This workshop is perhaps the best initiative that (…) has done to stimulate a reflection journey to understand ourselves and people surrounding us, our thoughts and deep roots of aspiration for a change that one person can do. I can see a difference on the faces of the people attending the workshop, and I hope most of us will practice what we have learnt here.

This definitely has helped me to change my life and turn it around.  While many of the concepts are not new, the entire package really helped me to see ways to help me to “be all that I can be.”  It was a good time to reflect on the full range of my values, realigning my personal and professional priorities, remembering that to serve others well, I must first care for myself. The course also reminded me of my own ability to take important decisions in my own life.

I believe we would be a better and more effective organization if the principles of the course were the foundation of our culture. Training typically focuses on building specific skill sets and ignores the foundation on which we are trying to construct; this course is how to build or shore up that foundation. And it is as crucial to entry-level staff as it is to senior managers.