RedR UK is hosting in partnership with Leadership for Humanitarians The 7 Habits® of Highly Effective Humanitarians

Humanitarian leaders face a myriad of challenges, around the world, every day. So – how do humanitarian leaders empower and recharge themselves sustainably to continuously deliver the results they aspire?

The 7 Habits® for Humanitarians is a self-management programme which challenges the current mindsets and habits, explores more effec- tive alternatives and lays the ground for more productivity, better commu- nication and an refreshed sense of personal power and purpose.



  • Define the priorities ineach of your life’s rolesfocus on them amidst the whirlwind of your daily activities.
  • Build high trust relationships and improve interpersonal communication.
  • Leverage creative collaboration and achieve a balanced life.


We have scheduled this transformative process as follows:

• 2 days live workshop
• 2.5 hour live webinar
• 1 follow up coaching
• 360° online assessment, a personal assessment as well as high quality participant materials including access to exclusive for you to follow up.


Tuesday 17 Jul 09:00 BST – Wednesday 18 Jul 17:00 BST