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Live introductory session: "Becoming an Effective Humanitarian"

On January 22nd and 23rd - 2019, we will be starting our “7 Habits® for Humanitarians” programme with a live workshop in London. As a way of introducing the program and giving an overview of the content and the benefits you will derive from it, we are hosting a 2hr complementary, introductory session.

Limited resources, lack of funding, immense time pressures, an increasing number of crises to solve – and individuals constantly on the brink of burning out: Humanitarian leaders face a myriad of challenges, around the world, every day.

So – how do humanitarian leaders empower and recharge themselves sustainably to continuously deliver the results they aspire?

Leadership for Humanitarians has taken the tried and tested approach of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People®” and recreated it to respond to the needs of humanitarians: The “7 Habits® for Humanitarians” is a self-management programme which challenges the current mindsets and habits, explores more effective alternatives and lays the ground for more productivity, better communication and an refreshed sense of personal power and purpose.