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Webinar: Leadership in time of Humanitarian Crises

Join us for an interactive webinar about leadership challenges and solutions - and get an introduction to what Leadership for Humanitarians can do for you and your organization. Join us - Thursday, February 15, 2019 at 10.00 am to 11.30 am CET.

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The Humanitarian Sector faces challenges like never before:

  • more crises than ever and diminishing resources

  • well-meaning humanitarians are tired, frustrated and on the verge of burning out

  • available resources are wasted and opportunities are lost

There certainly are various ways to tackle these challenges; our bet is that if leaders in the humanitarian field are better equipped to actually lead – themselves, their energy and priorities, their teams and organizations – that they would be more effective to respond and, ultimately, achieve their goals.

Join us in this live and interactive webinar to learn more about how the challenges of your leaders, and their teams, can be overcome through using our programmes.

  1. Which problems can we solve by working with L4H?

  2. Which approaches does L4H use to be effective?

  3. How can we customize the programs to fit OUR organization?

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