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Webinar: Getting Real on Collaboration

The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.” - Thomas T. Stallkamp

What we all know to be so true seems to be so very very difficult when we try to apply it to real life – and particularly in the Humanitarian Sector, or so it seems. And this in the light of the fact that in this sector, really, collaboration is not optional. Not, if we are all serious about solving the huge challenges we are facing in the world today. 

Yes, collaboration among all these players and their agendas and the normal nitty-gritty of people working together is not easy. But then again, it isn’t really all that difficult, either.

Let’s get real on the issue of collaboration. Join us for this hands-on, inspiring webinar, co-hosted by Carol Hatchett, who recently excelled at the task of leading the Start Network/Talent Development Project for Save the Children and therefore knows a thing or two or hundred about the joys and potential pitfalls of (interagency) collaboration.

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